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Health checkup center

area introduction

By checkup, observe the risk which could make chronic diseases or cancer early and handle them, and despite of normal opinion, it could be used as a comparison documents at emergency. Therefore, diagnosing on medical center could be helpful to all residents. Recently, building diagnosing center, we do more comfortable diagnosis, among the targets, the one who want could have a comprehensive medical testing, and other medical testing with one-time blood-gathering. Inquire to employees when applying.

treatment area

- comprehensive medical testing

- Health Insurance Center medical testing and life turning point diagnosis

- specific cancer diagnosis(stomach,intestine,breast,uterine,liver)

- recruitment physical examination(civil servant and general work recruiting)

- medical report (driver's licence, dormitory, facilities entering)

- English medical report

- driver's licence aptitude test, gun aptitude test

- student medical report

- additional or comprehensive testing among target

- health counseling and disease inquiry with cancer specialists