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Rehabilitation Medicine

area introduction

It is a medical field that treats dysfunctions, complications and pain caused by nervous system diseases, injuries, muscular diseases, etc., and treats patients with disabilities and helps them live as normally as possible.
The diseases treated by the rehabilitation department include stroke, spinal cord injury, paralysis, walking problems, musculoskeletal pain such as lower back pain, and posture and joint deformity.

treatment area

- Stroke

- Paralysis in all four limbs, Paralysis in legs

- Spinal cord injury

- Walking abnormalities

- Cerebral palsy

- Posture and deformation of joints

- Lower back pain

- Pain in shoulders, neck, and feet (ankles, soles)

- Various arthritis (degenerative and rheumatic)

- Various other chronic pain

- Artificial hands, artificial legs and other orthoses

- Sports injuries